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Talent development

Only with the establishment of the country, industry to xing. Talent is the root of enterprise development, is to promote the first productivity of enterprise leapfrog development. Oriental attaches great importance to team building, introduces talents through multiple channels, trains talents through efficient mechanisms, and promotes talents through broad platforms, which provides strong guarantee for enterprises to stay invincible in fierce competition.

Talent introduction

In terms of introducing talents, Orient has established a high-standard and moderately advanced talent introduction mechanism, opened up a variety of recruitment channels, recruited talents extensively, strictly screened talents, and made big waves for gold.

Talent promotion

In terms of talent promotion, the rapid and diversified development of the east provides a broad development space and promotion platform for every Oriental. The subjective initiative of employees has been given full play to, and their internal potential has been explored to the greatest extent. Therefore, a good incentive atmosphere has been formed within the company.

Talent management

Where there is virtue, there is wisdom. With lofty corporate goals, advanced management system and scientific incentive mechanism, we have built a highly educated and high-quality Oriental iron horse army.


Here, we will provide you with such opportunities: working with domestic well-known elite talents, career development platform to support the future career peak, excellent working environment, competitive salary, comprehensive employee benefits and training programs. If you are interested in becoming a pioneer in China's real estate industry, you are welcome to join our team!

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