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Our Mission

Industry returns to society and contributes to regional development.

Corporate Vision

Create a brilliant enterprise and achieve a brilliant life.

Corporate Philosophy

Strategic concept: Integrate advantages, take the core competitiveness of the brand tree; Steady development, first become a strong enterprise, then become a large enterprise.

Business philosophy: customer-centric, talent-based, market-oriented, brand-oriented.

Service concept: sincere service, beyond satisfaction.

Management philosophy: the system must be rigid, management and humanity, and methods need to be scientific.

Cooperation concept: full communication, efficient cooperation, competition, and honor and disgrace.

Talent concept: both ability and political integrity, morality first, people to do their best, fair competition.

Enterprise Spirit

Dare to innovate, continuous learning, teamwork, honesty and trustworthiness, and service leadership.

Organizational Goal

Diversified development, group control, and become the leader in the regional industry, creating a noble and beautiful life.

The image of the Oriental Group

Honesty, strength, trustworthiness and respect.

Orientalized visual target

Honest and trustworthy, honest and generous, wise and innocent, benevolent and invincible.

Core Value

Talent is the root of the enterprise, and integrity is the foundation of the business;

Innovation is the source of development and sharing is a win-win method;

Beyond the ladder of excellence, the brand is the treasure of victory.

Characteristic Culture

"2" - two good principles: good people, good things

"3" - three products in one: character + quality + taste = brand

"4" - four sharing: customers, shareholders, employees, social sharing success and wealth

"5" - five first-class: first-class brand, first-class talent, first-class treatment, first-class working environment, first-class products and services

Principle of doing things

High standards of work, low profile

“Four Beats”

Do not make a head to make decisions - standardization and scientific decision-making

Do not take the chest to make a guarantee - institutionalization of performance appraisal

Do not shoot thighs and shout regret - do not make the same mistake

Do not shoot ass to be a deserter - have a sense of responsibility, speak professional ethics

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